Five of the Best Live Music Bars on the East Coast

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Let’s take a pause on Digital Marketing for a moment. I recently returned from a study tour to Boston. During the day, it was all about learning, but at night we had the chance to chill out and visit Boston’s live music scene. I was impressed with what the city had to offer, so I decided to write this short piece on Boston’s best live music bars…

Your iPod is probably bursting at the seams with some of the best music ever made, but nothing quite compares to live music. Ranging from dimly lit, intimate jazz sessions to rowdy crowds screaming their favorite hits, the following are some of the best venues for live music in the Boston area for Boston and Cambridge students. There are many, many places to choose from. But the following five are some of the best for music-lovers.


1912 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

It is very difficult to pinpoint, let alone articulate what you like about the ambience at Toad. Most people thoroughly enjoy the venue but cannot offer any explanation as to why. Toad plays a wide range of music that is highly conversational. On any given night, you could expect to hear anything ranging from grassroots/Americana, to a Beatles cover band and even an acoustic soul singer. Toad tends to attract a certain stream of open-minded musicophiles; making mingling enjoyable and easy.

The Plough and Stars

912 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge

Great atmosphere, intimate and rich with character – this is truly a traditional gem. The Plough and Stars is great any night of the week and it excels in every possible faculty. If you’re looking for a venue conducive an intimate couple experience or somewhere to have a few quiet drinks with some close friends, this is certainly the place for you.

Great Scott

1222 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston

While this Allston bar has a capacity of 240, its lack of a backstage enables patrons have engage closely with performers. Acts are generally composed of rock performers, however guests may occasionally be entertained with folk, electronica and country music too. Great Scott is also an unofficial ‘feeder’ for larger clubs, making this the ideal location to meet friends if you have the intention of bar-hopping.

Midway Cafe

34976 Washington Street, Boston

This tiny neighborhood bar is the home of cheap beer, frequent DJ nights and the incredible spectacle of the gay-themed Dyke Nite. If you are open-minded and willing to embrace difference and social diversity, you will love this bar, its patrons and its performers. Midway isn’t an official gay bar, but have developed into a favorite amongst the gay community.

Lizard Lounge

1667 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

Only a short walk from Harvard Square, this basement bar is a constant flurry of activity. It also has an intimate vibe with a threadbare rug as the only thing of separation between audience and performer. Rock, folk and Americana as well as an occasional Boston Opera Underground performance all feature. Lizard Lounge also offers fantastic food which is available in the lounge in the early evening and throughout the night in the restaurant.

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